Page Content Tracking

Often you need to subscribe to multiple sites to receive updates on new developments, information, product details, news etc. Here is our state of the art web content tracking tool ‘ SiteTracker’ that shall reduce your workload of visiting multiple sites looking for updates.

Now you don’t have to revisit site pages unnecessarily without any result. You just need to select the sites/pages that you need to follow or select a specific section/part/content of a website page you wish to track and EzSiteTracker, based on your configurations shall notify you the updates from these pages.

Isn’t this liberating for us to be able to do intelligent internet surfing? Saves you lot of time and efforts.

For example you are awaiting the launch of the new apple iPhone so you just create a tracker at EzSiteTracker with the apple site url& iPhone model name, leave the rest to us i.e. EzSiteTracker, the very date and time when its launched or the sale starts you shall get email notification.


You are waiting for the off season sale to start at Pantaloons e-store to grab good offers on their denims just create a tracker with the keywords and leave rest to us. You shall be notified the moment ebay e-store is open for the sale.

Benefits of using EzSiteTracker

  • Tracks Specific data, information of your choice at the tip of your finger.
  • No restriction on websites: Can configure any public website/page/content for updates.
  • EzSiteTracker is operational 24*7 for 365 days.
  • Customization and personalization of your choice of pages/content/sites for tracking.
  • Analysts can use this data over a period of time and infer valuable statistics for research purposes.
  • Website Tracking of Competitors for news, latest business strategies, products, management shuffles, etc.
  • Students and Research students can track research sites like Pubmed etc. for new papers, latest published material, presentations on their respective subjects and projects.