Individuals/consumers shall be notified when:

  • “There is going to be heavy rains this Sunday”: Configure your tracker with the word ‘rains’ against weather forecast web pages
  • “You’ve received responses to your latest Blog”: Track blogs for updates.
  • “A new pasta recipe has appeared”: Track your favourite recipe site for new recipes.
  • “A new job opportunity come up”: Track job sites for vacancies.
  • “e-book by your favourite author is available”: Track the published date or your favourite author
  • “A particular item is up for auction, sale on OLX or eBay”: Track the eBay/Olx search results page.
  • “The 32 in LEDjust dropped in price”: Track product prices on online shops.

  • Businesses shall be notified when...

  • “There is a press release or a new article about your business”: Track online publications/news/business journal sites by configuring your tracker to monitor/detect keywords of your business organization.
  • “Competitors update their products, prices, services etc.”: Track your competitors’ website.
  • “The current US dollar to Rupee buy in rate is equivalent to”: Track conversion rates in financial websites.
  • “New tax policies or RBI rates”: tracking official taxation or RBI sites.