Want to track specific web page changes of your choice? then EzSiteTracker is the answer.
It notifies you only when your enlisted specific content on a web page changes not otherwise.

Price Tracking

This feature of EzSiteTracker is manifold and the most popular. As the name suggests it allows you to detect price change of your favourite product/s online. So you can select the...

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Product Availability Tracking

Are you looking for that latest outfit you wanted to grab from high street or get hold of that perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom or buy the latest iPhone with...

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Page Content Tracking

Often you need to subscribe to multiple sites to receive updates on new developments, information, product details, news etc. Here is our state of the art web content tracking tool...

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Stay Up-to-date with any changes over the web.

  • What is EzSiteTracker ?

    EzSiteTracker is an in-house change detection and notification product designed to cater to the growing demand of consumers, analysts, individuals to be abreast with the latest market trends, fashion, products under wide range of categories, by providing online web monitoring & tracking services.

    With few simple steps you register yourself at EzSiteTracker. Later list down your site/page urls which you want to track on any change. Once done you start receiving alerts on your email.

  • How will EzSiteTracker Notify me ?

    Once you have set your tracker for a specific content on a particular web url. You shall receive an email when EzSiteTracker finds a change/update to that content.

  • Why use EzSiteTracker ?

    Different Web Trackers or Change Detection and Notification (CDN)software available online perform tracking that too for specific providers for example amazon products or specific retail outlets, or for the whole web page. EzSiteTracker system does not restrict you to one site or a set of range of products or a single web page only but is open for any and all kinds of webtracking services as per the requirements of the consumers.

    So if you need to compare prices of similar products across brands then you can do it or if you need to track the price of a single product you can keep doing it hassle free across a period of time at the tip of your fingers.

    “Through its innovative algorithm it only tracks the page content that user subscribes to. Other trackers tracks entire page which makes it unusable if any particular content change requires to be tracked. Our servers across the world do this job 24x7x365 days a year. The idea is to let you relax while our servers work for you.”